Study Participants FAQ

Do I have to give blood?

The main point of the study is to look at nutrient levels in the blood of participants. In order to participate, women must provide the first blood sample.

Do I have to participate?

No, you are a volunteer. Participants are free to drop out of the study at any time by contacting us.

Does my child have to give blood?

No, but we encourage you to participate in this part of the research. The construction of our DNA biobank will require a very small amount of blood (about half a teaspoon). We could also use a saliva sample from the child if blood collection is not an option.

Can I sign up later?

No, women can only join the study before 27 weeks gestation.

I have a friend who might want to be in this study.

If women live in Calgary or Edmonton, are age 16 or older, and less than 27 weeks pregnant, they can volunteer for the study by calling 403-955-2783 or emailing:

Why can’t I participate if I am under 16 years old?

We need to get consents of parents for those under 16, which is sometimes difficult.

Can we do the questionnaires over the phone?

If you prefer, we can certainly call you or meet you somewhere to do them in person.

How much time will this take?

We estimate that the total time commitment for you and your child for study participation will be approximately 30-35 hours over the 4 year period. By the time your child is one, we will contact you for the questionnaires only once a year.