Pilot Studies

Validation of a Food Frequency and Physical Activity Questionnaire (Part of APrON)


Dr. Rhonda Bell, Dr. Linda McCargar, Dr. Catherine Field


What women eat and drink before and during pregnancy affects their health and may even affect the health of their children. Questionnaires that ask people about the food they eat have to include the foods that are available and eaten in the area where the people live.


This study tests a food questionnaire that is designed to measure what pregnant women ate and drank in the year before they were pregnant. This is important in the APrON because some pregnancy outcomes, like neural tube defects, are affected by women’s diets before she was pregnant.


To do this, we will compare what women say they were eating before they were pregnant to what non-pregnant women say they are eating now. One hundred pregnant, and 100 non-pregnant women are being recruited. From this data we will calculate the amounts and type of nutrients (e.g. protein, fat, vitamins and mineral) that women are eating.


As of April 2009 77 pregnant women and 44 non-pregnant women have agreed to participate. Results of this study are currently being analyzed..