Investigator Discipline
Nicole Letourneau Nicole Letourneau, PhD
(Team Leader)
Nursing; parenting and child development, parent-infant mental health, developmental social neuroscience, community-based interventions
Bonnie Kaplan Bonnie J. Kaplan, PhD
Psychology; expertise in nutrition, mental/behavioural illness; population & clinical health researcher
Catherine Field Catherine Field, RD, PhD
Nutrition researcher; expertise in fatty acids, micronutrients, and infant development
Deb_Dewey Deborah Dewey, PhD
Psychology; pediatric neuropsychology, developmental disorders; population & clinical health researcher
Rhonda_Bell Rhonda Bell, PhD Nutition researcher; expertise in maternal-fetal nutrition programing
Francois_Bernier Francois Bernier, MD Genetics; expertise in congenital anomalies research, syndrome delineation, population genetics
Marja_Cantell Marja Cantell, PhD Psychology; neurodevelopmental disorders and exercise psychology, especially motor skills & physical activity
Linda Casey Linda Casey, MD,
Pediatric Nutrition, Body Composition and Feeding
Misha_Eliasziw Misha Eliasziw, PhD Biostatistics; expertise in study design; statistical methods to identify risk factors; regression modelling
Anna_Farmer Anna Farmer, RD, PhD Nutrition researcher; expertise in dietary behaviours in infants and mothers
Lisa_Gagnon Lisa Gagnon, MD Psychiatry; adult mood disorders; special interest in women’s mental health
Gerry_Giesbrecht Gerry Giesbrecht, PhD Postdoctural Fellow- Psychology, Psychophysiology, Infant Temperment and Child Development
Laki Goonewardene Laki Goonewardene, PhD Biostatistics; analysis of nutrition data
Libbe_Kooistra Libbe Kooistra, PhD Psychology; expertise in developmental psychology & thyroid, especially in relation to attention and motor skills
Donna_Manca Donna Manca, MD Family medicine; maternal and newborn; community practice based research networks
Jon Martin Jon Martin, PhD Environmental Analytical Chemistry; expertise in toxicology and trace analysis of organic contaminants in human samples
Linda_McCargar Linda McCargar, RD, PhD Nutrition researcher; expertise in the assessment of nutrient intake, and women and child nutrition
Maeve_O_Beirne Maeve O’Beirne, MD Family medicine; maternal and newborn
Victor_Pop Victor Pop, MD, PhD General Practitioner; research expertise in maternal mood; thyroid function
Nalini_Singhal Nalini Singhal, MD Neonatology; expertise in newborn health
Brenda Leung Brenda Leung, PhD Epidemiology, mental health, maternal and child health, neurodevelopment, perinatal nutrition